The owners behind the Teremok brand and operations are Kim Davidson,
Tracy Gielink and mother Debbie Davidson. A tour de force, they work and
travel together and were once facetiously referred to as the Trilogy. They had the
last laugh when they embraced the rather stern sounding mantle and
incorporated it into the Teremok brand.



It was Kim who shrewdly identified a gap in the hospitality sector for a small, exclusive accommodation establishment in Umhlanga, long before "boutique" was even a catchword. Described as an "obsessive perfectionist", Kim was the obvious person to set up and oversee the operational side of Teremok. On top of this, she puts her public relations background (she worked for The Sharks rugby when they turned professional) to good use as she handles all Teremok's publicity and marketing. Although the most down-to-earth of the three, Kim still appreciates the finer things in life, especially design and travel, both of which continue to inspire her.


Tracy is an unapologetic hedonist so it's little wonder that, as a qualified journalist, she chooses to write primarily about food and wine. Reviewing restaurants has made her even more militant about service and, although the staff are probably tired of hearing her bleat on about the importance of consistency, they benevolently smile and nod. She loves her creative outlet but equally relishes her integral role in the family business. When taking over the Spa, Tracy discovered her business acumen and has developed it into a successful business in its own right. Her magpie-like penchant for all things sparkly and OTT is tempered by her younger (and mostly bossier) sister Kim.


A fiercely competitive nature was fostered by horse riding from a young age where Debbie preferred the thrill of show jumping and amateur racing. Her father passed on an entrepreneurial spirit and her mother a steely resolve; traits that have seen Debbie succeed against all odds. Always restless and looking for a new challenge, she happily gave up grand scale event planning to open a 420-seater musical theatre in Gateway shopping centre in 2001. As if this wasn't challenge enough, she discovered the Teremok property and financed the conversion of it into a five star boutique hotel. Debbie is an incredibly intuitive businesswoman and has been a visionary in defining the Teremok brand. She constantly jokes that she would like Tracy and Kim to retire her but they know she is incapable of it!

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