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Boutique Hotel & Spa - Umhlanga Rocks, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Once upon a wish...

It is fate that brought us to Teremok, an expansive Umhlanga holiday home turned Boutique Lodge and Spa. Over four decades, it had overflowed with three generations of the Vladykin family which began in pre-revolution Russia, included a lifelong fairy tale romance and, finally, came to rest with us - a mother and two daughters.

But it was serendipity, that marvellously unpredictable force, that allowed us to weave our own tale. Flippantly dubbed the Trilogy, we delighted in taking on the title as we are indeed three related but different creative forces. Discovering this soulful property allowed us, being discerning and sometimes demanding travellers, to embrace our idiosyncrasies as we relished creating an urban hideaway with extreme attention to detail. Teremok encapsulates everything that we wished to find at the end of a journey.

And so began our story... once upon a wish.
Debbie Davidson, Tracy Gielink & Kim Davidson


The Teremok Coat of Arms

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