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Lucky number SIX

We’re a family run business and it’s always been our firm belief that we will only stock brands that we believe in. We wouldn’t ask you to pay for something that we would not be prepared to.

We recently took the decision to introduce SIX, a South African skin care brand that is very cost effective (products range from R352 to R809) but still delivers results … quickly. We sat through a presentation, selected five products each and spent two months tracking the results.

We were thrilled! The all-natural SIX products can be slotted into your current skin care regime, used independently and are suitable for all skin types (there is a men’s range too).

Feel free to pop in for a consult if you would like to know more about the range and what products would best suit your skin. We hope you enjoy the voyage of discovery with us! From Debbie, Tracy & Kim.

I am very excited about the local brand SIX. The products have a fragrant natural smell, spread easily and are very affordable – and it is wonderful being able to support a results-driven local brand. I normally find that at this time of the year my skin becomes dry and sensitive and with SIX my skin has been wonderfully hydrated. I especially love the Vitamin Booster Oil which I use in the morning over my face and neck.”

– Debbie Davidson

I wasn’t thrilled at circulating my “naked” face photos en masse but they really do speak for themselves. My pigmentation is an ongoing concern so I used the SIX Vitamin A Serum in conjunction with the Vitamin C Brightening Moisturiser once a day (on most days). After a week I could notice a difference.The first photo was taken on 13 March and the second on 26 April, in the same place and at a similar time. My pigmentation is now noticeably lighter and my skin tone is definitely more even. I am also loving the SIX Gentle Foaming Cleanser and find that my skin’s hydration levels are much higher than they have been in a long time.”

– Tracy Gielink

Get the Lashes you deserve

EyEnvy … the name just sums it up! The serum is Canada’s number one salon exclusive lash conditioner and we have been addicted since trying it. We grew tired of short lashes and also got over having extensions which can damage your own lashes , and you have to be super careful of how you treat them. And, have you ever woken up with one stubborn last extension sticking in the wrong direction?!

The serum provides length, fullness, thickness and darkness to your own natural lashes which means they look sooooo much better au natural but, with some well applied mascara, KIm Kardashian and her extensions can move aside. Eyenvy is also cruelty free and vegan. You use it daily until you have the desired look (normally one to two months), and then maintenance is an easy two to three times a week to retain your luscious lashes. Don’t be put off by the retail price of R1275 – we find ours comfortably last for nine months. Seriously, if you follow the correct application process and it doesn’t work, we will give you your money back!

Our other predilection is with the Lilian Terry range that incorporates the benefits of aromatherapy and homeopathy for hard-hitting remedies. These pics don’t belong to one of us but are from a reliable source, and show the incredible results from using the Vascuflow Massage Oil.

“I have tested the Vascuflow and, very quickly, saw an improvement in the superficial spider veins on my legs.

By applying regularly I could also see the benefit on deeper vericose veins.My teenage son had a growth spurt and, as soon as I saw some stretchmarks, I used the Stretchmark Massage Oil on them and they disappeared within a month.” – Tracy Gielink

The Lilian Terry Cellulite treatment is amazing too, especially when used with “cups” to massage and stimulate the area.

Just in! The new autumn/winter range by KINDA is lightweight, versatile and perfect for our mild winters. And it’s designed and produced in SA.

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